Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sun salutation yoga series in Delhi airport. Off to Kolkata, where the boys are from. It is going to be an emotioal 3 days.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Inflatable legs to display pants.
Tie dye in market.
Turban shop.
McDonald's menu
School, Singh our guide attended.
Need water!
Camel race.
Me and Karna, on a camel.
Bikram our camel driver and mutti (unsure of spelling) our camel

Umaid Bhawan, current home of Maharaja.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The best we could come up with for a Christmas stocking...pretty lame.

Christmas eve dinner. Boys exhausted...couldn't even get into Santa's arrival. Mery Christmas everyone.
One of the boys favorite stops. Went here 2 times in a row. Small shop with western snacks: soda, water, cookies, masala lays potato chips (ok those were odd).

Textile shop. 

Giving a quick sense of walking by shops in the market. We were beeped at many times.

A dude in the local market.
Dyed textiles, ready to travel to the next step in process!
Jodhpur...the blue city. The houses are painted blue for 3 reasons: 1. it is the color of Brahmin ( priests), which the city has agood supply of, 2. The indigo helps protect the sandstone house from heat and 3. the color is said to detract the mosquito population.
Fort Mehrangarh, built 1459 

The two lovely ladies of our tour.
The boys meditating...even if it was for 20 seconds.